Katie Leikam, MSW, MBA, LCSW, LISW-CP

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  • Katie Leikam, LCSW

Katie Leikam

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I am a WPATH GEI SOC v7 Certified therapist who supports the informed consent model of care. I have worked with over 750 transgender and LGBTQ clients in my private practice over the years and completed over 150 hours of training for LGBTQ affirming care from WPATH and national conferences. I am a national speaker at gender conferences such as The Philly Trans Wellness Conference and Gender Odyssey and a presenter at USPATH. I have trained and consulted with dozens of therapists who are seeking more competency in their practices. I believe clinicians should be competent and trained when working with transgender and gender expansive clients and offer these trainings to support the mental health community.
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Katie Leikam

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Testimonial : Many thanks for your amazing workshop that I have just completed online all the way in Sydney Australia. I have been working with the transgender community for some years now and your training was extremely helpful and insightful. H.H.

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